The Ultrafast Dynamic Imaging of Matter Conference in 2021 is going to take place online from Sept. 5-9.

The UFDIM Conference Website has moved to University Potsdam. More information and registration under the following link:


The UFDIM conference focuses on new techniques for imaging the dynamics of matter on ultrafast timescales, from femtoseconds to attoseconds. We have organized sessions on the applications of ultrafast dynamic imaging in biological, chemical and material systems as well as session on electronic dynamics and emerging opportunities. A special emphasis lies on the applications of new sources, including X-ray free-electron lasers, high-harmonic sources, few-cycle laser pulses, and ultrashort electron pulses. This conference is the sixth in a row after previous conferences held in London (2006), Ischia (2009), Banff (2012), Grindelwald (2015) and Crete (2018). The conference will host key note and invited talks.